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Applications of Nanotechnology in Medicine

Nanotechnology can be viewed as the science and engineering included in the design, synthesis, characterization, and application of materials and devices whose smallest functional organization is on the nanometer level or one billionth of a meter. At these scales, consideration [...]

Fertility Treatment

The Future of Fertility Treatment: Advanced Embryo Selection

It is incredible just how far science and technology have come over the last few decades. In the past, men and women with fertility problems had very few options. Nowadays, there are more options than ever before and fertility treatments [...]

Glivec (as sold in Germany) is a specific kinase inhibitor. Inhibition of this kinase quells the sustained signaling required for uncontrolled growth and division of a cancer cell. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The Hallmarks of Cancer: Fighting Back

Fighting back How can we use our knowledge about growth factors (detailed in the previous articles here and here) to fight back against cancer? This is where the magic words ‘targeted therapies’ come in. Since cancer cells hijack normal growth [...]

Image vis Flinders Indaily

Entelognathus: The Fish with the First Modern Face

Hundreds of millions of years ago, armoured fish dominated the oceans, lakes and rivers of the world. These now-extinct creatures belonged to a class called Placoderms, meaning ‘plate-skinned’ in Greek. They had armoured plates covering their head and thorax, and [...]


Dig down to lift your spirits: soil bacteria act as antidepressants

Have you ever noticed that people who spend more time outdoors, particularly those who garden regularly, are often cheery? While the exercise, sunshine and general health benefits of being outdoors contributes to a happy disposition, scientists have discovered that some [...]

6 hallmarks

The Hallmarks of Cancer: Becoming Independent

This article originally appeared on Know The Cosmos. I will be re-posting excerpts here for Australian Science with added commentary over the coming weeks! “The Hallmarks of Cancer” are ten anti-cancer defense mechanisms that are hardwired into our cells, that [...]

Growth Factors are beautiful! This is a 3D schematic representation (also known as a ribbon diagram) of the structure of a growth factor known as Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF). VEGF stimulates the development of new blood vessels, a process known as angiogenesis. Many large tumors secrete their own supply of VEGF in order to generate a supply line of oxygen-rich blood for the growing tumor to feed on. Image credit: Gizmag

The Hallmarks of Cancer: Growth Factors and Cell Signaling

This article originally appeared on Know The Cosmos. I will be re-posting excerpts here for Australian Science with added commentary over the coming weeks! “The Hallmarks of Cancer” are ten anti-cancer defense mechanisms that are hardwired into our cells, that [...]

Composite from a time-lapse of a HeLa cell (cervical cancer) undergoing cell division. Cellular structures have been visualized using cyan (cell membrane) and red (DNA). Image Credit: Kuan-Chung Su, London Research Institute, Cancer Research UK, Wellcome Images

The Ten Hallmarks of Cancer

This series of articles originally appeared on Know The Cosmos. I will be reposting the articles here for AusSci with added commentary over the coming weeks! In 2002, Robert Weinberg and Douglas Hanahan published a review article in the journal Cell titled “The Hallmarks [...]

Bioreactor - red matter

Red bacteria as astronaut food

Like something out of Stanley Kubrick’s famed 2001: A Space Odyssey her name is Melissa. Melissa was the first of her kind. Melissa will be there when the first of us touches down on Mars. She will feed and nurture [...]

swarming bacteria

The language of biofilms

Every once in awhile, communities form. Collections of similar or diverse things come together, and in unison strive for a common goal. It is the same for mice, men, and bacteria. Humans do it and build nations. Bacteria do it [...]


The Monkey Ladder Problem: should we quote hypothetical findings that can be proven to support a theory?

Surely in the world of scientific experiments if you do not carry out the actual experiment itself then how can your findings be relied upon? In the world of Artificial Intelligence, and also in social theory, the Monkey Ladder Problem [...]

Blue Whale, via

What Animals Will Go Extinct During Our Lifetime?

I spent the other day meandering through some of the exhibits on display at the American Museum of Natural History. I checked out the Global Kitchen, Butterflies, and Whales exhibits and the planetarium Journey to the Stars show. Between the [...]


The parasitic warfare perpetrated by ladybirds

There is a scientific term that causes fear and alarm to those that study biodiversity. More fear and alarm than the term climate change. Biotic homogenisation — introducing a new exotic species to an area that was, until now, without [...]


The beat the mosquito’s heart didn’t skip

It pulsed continuously without stopping. Then it repeated, as it had done many times before. Then, without delay, almost without skipping a beat, it changed direction. The action was as old as man himself, yet this time, completely and uniquely [...]

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