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Programming, Software Development, Computational Thinking or Coding

No matter the terminology used, right now educators worldwide are attempting to integrate new ways of thinking into the curriculum. This is no easy task, as timetable pressures, teacher training concerns and equipment funding shortages all make introducing a complex […]

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How to Get Skills in Cyber Security?

We were talking before, though our cyber security sessions, that a career in cyber defence is the quite challenging one and it requires a lot of hard work and time to put your skills and expertise at a competitive level. […]


Kids love the volcano experiment

Experiments are great. What better way is there to spend time with your kids, have fun with them and teach them a thing or two about science? Even better when they’re messy and dramatic like the “volcano experiment”. As an […]

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Internet Research: Skills Your Students Should Have

Internet research is the practice of using Internet information, especially free information on the World Wide Web, in research. Internet research has had a profound impact on the way ideas are formed and knowledge is created. Common applications of Internet […]


The Science of Translation

Language is a fascinating and complex part of human society. Not even the most esteemed linguists can put a number on how many languages there are in the world – not to mention the various dialects within those languages (Linguistic […]

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10 Tips for Making Online Video a Joined-Up Experience

Today, video plays an ever-increasing role in education. However, there is a major difference between an ad hoc, disjointed approach to video and a joined-up approach that sees video embraced as an integral part of university life. Here are a […]


The Importance of Mathematics Teaching in Australian Education

There is a concerning question nowadays in Australia which started as a debate of University lecturers who said high school physics is at a very low level of quality and focused on the history of physics at the expense of […]

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New Reforms in Computer Science will Examine Teacher’s Skills

As a new National Curriculum says children in schools will start learning the principles of computer programming from kindergarten. But there are concerns teachers would be seriously unable to go through the ambitious reform agenda without meaningful retraining. The new […]


Where does the Sun Go at Night?

Most of us are curious beings and we attempt to make meaning from our lives, our world, the universe and all the ‘stuff’ within. Children are no different and they often have built elaborate ideas for why things happen. Quite […]


The Most Useful Science Student Books for AU Universities

Student life can be a bit of a struggle – you are at your prime, young and energetic, and you need to balance studying, fun and work, all the while trying to make ends meet on an often limited budget. […]

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Reading pleasure and e-tools

It happens all too often: as soon as we leave our early childhood behind and cross the borderline between primary and secondary education, we lose all or part of our interest in books. From the age of 12-14 children’s visits […]

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‘Rockin’ it and learning and the same time’

“Theory in science gets tricky.”  “Theory is boring.”  “Who cares about the theory?”  These are common complaints from children in our classrooms. However, theoretical knowledge is important. At times you need the students to have some theoretical knowledge before they […]


CERN Physicist Explains the Origins of the Universe, for Beginners

How did the universe begin — and how is it expanding? CERN physicist Tom Whyntie has created a new TED-ED three animated video that explains how the universe began, why it’s expanding, and other basic phenomena that concern cosmologists and particle […]


Toolkit – Digital & Media Literacy Education

In industrialised countries, the Internet has increasingly become embedded in everyday life: from the purchase of a train ticket to the consultation of a bibliographical catalogue, the Net can be seen today as an “invisible technology”. In addition, the growth […]

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