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My Dog Speaks To Me With His Eyes – Evolution of Human/Dog Bonds

Puppy love – same as baby love? Yes, it seems so: “My dog talks to me with his/her eyes”- every dog owner on the planet says this. Now, for the first time, it seems that this well-known truth has a […]


Bacon Fans United: The Pig Genome Sequenced

Breeding healthier and meatier piggies has been one of the many scientific challenges of the past decades; creating more reliable models to study human diseases is another. The swine disease model is indeed much better to use when studying human […]


How Have Marsupials Evolved?

The phylogenetic relationships between two orders of marsupials have been intesively debated. Authors benefited from recent sequencing projects which provided two marsupial genomes: this of the South American opossum (Monodelphis domestica) and the one of a kangaroo, the Australian tammar […]

Forever Young

The evolution of human mortality

How long until we live forever? The general consensus is that we are getting older and living longer. Despite consequences and kryptonite, it is getting easier to stay alive. Heaven can wait, it seems. Every year each baby born is […]

So much science, so little time... - Photo credit, Leo Reynolds

Weekly Science Picks

Sigh, my photo caption sums it all up… But here are the news stories that caught my eye and I hope you find them interesting as well. Maybe reading them will inspire your own work or to dig deeper for […]

Tasmanian Devil

The Devil’s Technology

Biotechnology is rarely considered to be good for the environment. In fact, environmental campaigners frequently claim that genetically modified organisms represent a major threat to biodiversity and ecosystems. However, the study of the Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour disease (DFTD) using […]


The clues to human uniqueness

Over 2 million years ago, before the emergence of the genus Homo, within the rift valleys and savannah grasslands of Africa during the Pliocene period, a unique event took place. One that, with some hyperbole, admittedly, shaped the course of […]


The EMBO Meeting 2012 – Call for Participation

EARLY REGISTRATION & ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: 12 JUNE 2012 ON-LINE REGISTRATION: 4 SEPTEMBER 2012 UPDATE: Late abstract deadline 12 August 14:00 CEST (Berlin) SUBMIT ABSTRACT | REGISTER              This annual conference attracts 1,500 […]

green algae

How Much is that Green Algae in the Window?

Whoever thought you could make money in biology, right? Turns out, there is quite a bit of money to be made in this field. And I think we are realizing more than ever the importance of the life sciences and […]