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Lynda Barry, Cartoonist Turned Professor, Gives Her Old Fashioned Take on the Future of Education

With college tuitions ballooning to the point of implosion, and free educational content proliferating online, the future of education is a scorching hot topic. So where are we heading? Coursera and Khan Academy? Video game-based curricula? Experience-driven microlearning? Or school […]


Australian volcanic mystery explained

Scientists have solved a long-standing mystery surrounding Australia’s only active volcanic area, in the country’s southeast. The research explains a volcanic region that has seen more than 400 volcanic events in the past four million years. The 500 kilometre long […]

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WHO tobacco treaty makes significant progress despite mounting pressure from tobacco industry

The sixth session of the Conference of the parties (COP6) to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) concluded recently in Moscow. Several landmark decisions were adopted in the course of the six-day session, regarded as one of the […]


The ancient mountains that fed early life

Scientists have found evidence for a huge mountain range that sustained an explosion of life on Earth 600 million years ago. The mountain range was similar in scale to the Himalayas and spanned at least 2,500 kilometres of modern west […]

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Weekly Science Picks

New Sunday, new editor’s choices! In comparison with the previous one, which brought us heaps of Nobel awards, this one seems as quite peaceful and usual. But, is it? Throughout today’s selection, we will hear more about the future of […]


What Happens When You Take a Nobel Prize Through Airport Security

Winning a Nobel Prize has its perks. When you talk, people listen. And you end up doing a lot of talking. And travelling. Reflecting on how the Nobel Prize changed his life, Walter Gilbert (1980 winner in Chemistry) commented, “You […]


Foodborne illness on the decline

New Australian National University research has found the incidence of foodborne illness has declined slightly and that one quarter of the 16 million cases of gastroenteritis each year are caused by food contamination. The research tracked the changes in foodborne […]

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Take Big History: A Free Short Course on 13.8 Billion Years of History, Funded by Bill Gates

Last month, The New York Times Magazine published a long piece called “So Bill Gates Has This Idea for a History Class …”, which begins with these very words: In 2008, shortly after Bill Gates stepped down from his executive […]


Some Thoughts on “Privilege”

To assume that one’s voice and cultural contribution don’t count because one was born into “privilege” is as narrow and toxic as to deny one’s voice because one was born into poverty. This is by no means to discount the […]

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What Books Do for the Human Soul: The Four Psychological Functions of Great Literature

“Writers open our hearts and minds, and give us maps to our own selves.” The question of what reading does for the human soul is an eternal one and its answer largely ineffable, but this hasn’t stopped minds big and […]

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Weekly Science Picks

What an amazing week? The week of the Nobel prize in physics! How great is that? It’s really great, especially because the award goes for advancements in LED technologies. A team from the US and Japan share this prestigious prize. […]

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Australia examines its strengths and sees its future in iManufacturing

Australia needs to play to its strengths and transition from traditional manufacturing into new areas of competitive advantage. CSIRO proposes the direction for such a move in its discussion paper Equipping Australian Manufacturing for the Information Age: iManufacturing – Is […]


Longform’s New, Free App Lets You Read Great Journalism from Your Favorite Publishers

Let us introduce you a great educational tool, which name is Longform’s New.  If you have managed to keep your attention span intact during this distracting information age, then you’re almost certainly familiar with, a web site that makes […]

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Smartphone app a life saver for heart attack patients

Patients recovering from heart attacks are far more likely to complete life-saving rehabilitation if they have access to a new smartphone app developed by CSIRO, research has shown. A clinical trial found that cardiac patients who undertook rehabilitation in their […]

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