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Weekly Science Picks

Here we are at the end of one more exciting and fascinating week. It’s our time to summarise what have happened during the previous 7 days. The focus of today’s editor’s selection would be on psychology, neuropsychological and medical research. […]


Finding new ways to make drugs

Chemists have developed a revolutionary new way to manufacture natural chemicals and used it to assemble a scarce anti-inflammatory drug with potential to treat cancer and malaria. The breakthrough could lead to new and cheaper ways to produce rare drugs […]

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Charles & Ray Eames’ A Communications Primer Explains the Key to Clear Communication in the Modern Age (1953)

You might think that a movie about information from 1953 couldn’t possibly be relevant in the age of iPhone apps and the Internet but you’d be wrong. A Communications Primer, directed by that power couple of design Charles and Ray […]


Spiral laser beam creates quantum whirlpool

Physicists at ANU have engineered a spiral laser beam and used it to create a whirlpool of hybrid light-matter particles called polaritons. “Creating circulating currents of polaritons – vortices – and controlling them has been a long-standing challenge,” said leader […]

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WHO warns that progress towards eliminating measles has stalled

WHO warned recently that progress towards the elimination of measles has stalled. The number of deaths from measles increased from an estimated 122 000 in 2012 to 145 700 in 2013, according to new data published in the WHO Weekly […]


Ocean primed for more El Niño

The ocean is warming steadily and setting up the conditions for stronger El Niño weather events, a new study has shown. A team of US, Australian, and Canadian researchers sampled corals from a remote island in Kiribati to build a […]

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Weekly Science Picks

Welcome at the end of one more exciting and this time, we could say, historically amazing week. Namely, these days we are witnessing a highly interesting ESA’s mission called Rosetta. For such a reason, this week’s review will be dedicated […]


Protecting native forests more valuable than logging

New research has found Mountain Ash forests provide more value to the community and the global climate when protected and not logged. Research scientists at the ANU, in partnership with information and communication technologists at Fujitsu Laboratories in Japan, have […]


Mark Twain Predicts the Internet in 1898: Read His Sci-Fi Crime Story, “From The ‘London Times’ in 1904”

Most people know that Mark Twain wrote about Jim and Huckleberry Finn navigating down the Mississippi. Less well known is that he occasionally dabbled in the burgeoning genre of science fiction. His 1898 short story “The Great Dark” is about […]


New global Malaysian studies network at ANU

A new agreement between the ANU and the National University of Malaysia (UKM) will deepen links between Australia and Malaysia, and boost the studies of Malaysia in both Australia and around the globe. Witnessed by Malaysia Deputy Prime Minister YAB […]

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Scientists reveal secrets of insect evolution

Using genetic analysis, scientists have for the first time been able to conclusively establish that insects originated approximately 480 million years ago, and that they developed the ability to fly approximately 80 million years later. Published last week in Science, […]

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“Ageing well” must be a global priority

A major new Series on health and ageing, published in “The Lancet”, warns that unless health systems find effective strategies to address the problems faced by an ageing world population, the growing burden of chronic disease will greatly affect the […]

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Weekly Science Picks

It’s Sunday! Maybe some of you are not that happy for that, because it’s the end of the weekend, but for us it’s our time to provide you with a new editor’s selection for this week. The task was very […]

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Farmers should pay for invasive weeds – researchers

Farmers who use plant varieties that become invasive weeds should pay a levy to cover any environmental management costs under a plan put forward by researchers at The Australian National University (ANU). The levy is one recommendation in a new […]

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