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Chocolate bytes with virtual mouth this Easter

Here’s something to chew over. Easter chocolates, along with our favourite everyday foods, could taste just as good but be healthier in future, thanks to new technology that is revealing the science of chewing. CSIRO’s 3D mastication modelling, demonstrated for [...]


Years of Living Dangerously – the New Series on Climate Change

Ever since Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth came out to critical accolades, Conservative scorn and a handful of Oscars, there has been no shortage of well meaning documentaries about the perils of climate change. Most feature a Hollywood celebrity or [...]


Weekly Science Picks

Well, it’s Sunday again. It’s our time to recapitulate all the scientific contributions, ideas, events and discoveries that have occurred in this week. To be honest, the job was quite challenging, since the science and technology market is highly competitive [...]


Media Studies: new media and new literacies

Many commentators agree that the field of media studies will become more and more important in the coming years. The European Science Foundation (ESF) publication “Media studies: new media and new literacies” aims to meet the needs of research initiatives [...]


How a Young Sigmund Freud Researched & Got Addicted to Cocaine

As David Bowie had his cocaine period, so too did Sigmund Freud, beginning in 1894 and lasting at least two years. Unlike the rock star, the doctor was just at the beginning of his career, “a nervous fellow” of 28 [...]


New tool for galactic archaeology

Reconstructing the history of our Galaxy has just become a whole lot easier, thanks to a team of international astronomers led by Dr Luca Casagrande from the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics. By examining both the light and soundwaves [...]


Beautiful Equations

Like many right-brained people, artist and critic Matt Collings finds higher math mystifying, a word that implies both bewilderment and wonder. Faced with the equations that make, for example, Stephen Hawking’s work possible, most of us are left similarly slack-jawed. [...]

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Weekly Science Picks

We have come to the end of one more week and it’s time to summarise what has happened during this week. As usual, the task was quite challenging, but we made it. Here is the review of the most exiting [...]


Whatever You Are, Be a Good One

From Tolstoy to Tumblr, a compendium of timeless wisdom on life. In March of 1884, Leo Tolstoy resolved in his diary to create a “circle of reading” for himself, probing “the great philosophers of all time and all people” for [...]

peak data

Peak Data – coming to a network near you

CSIRO has released a report on “spectrum crunch” and the role of ubiquitous connectivity in future wireless applications. The threat of ‘peak data’ and what that could mean for the way we connect and access essential services in the future, [...]


How to Code in 12 Weeks?

Today, we bring you the CS50, Harvard’s Introductory Computer Science course, taught by Professor David Malan, which appeared last year. Why revisit an updated version of the same class a year later? For one thing, the material has been updated. [...]


Adapting to change around the Indian Ocean rim

Experts from countries around the Indian Ocean rim are meeting this week in India to discuss ways to improve their disaster resilience and improve management of future climate risk. The meeting of Indian Ocean Rim Climate Change Adaptation Officials, under [...]


Shedding new light on the origins of life

Researchers looking at the origins of life on Earth have come up with a new explanation for how the earliest molecular material was able to replicate in the primordial soup. They have found that hydrogen peroxide, an ingredient commonly associated [...]


Weekly Science Picks

It’s Sunday again! It’s our time to give a brief review of the most amazing science and technology news that have appeared on the web during this week. The task was quite challenging, but we made it. We proudly present [...]

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