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Efficiency and Benefits of Massage Therapy

When health is absent…Wisdom cannot reveal itself Art cannot become manifest Strength cannot be exerted Wealth is useless and reason is powerless. Heraphilies The advancements in medicine have provided numerous cures and treatments for diseases that were terminal just a […]

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Microbiota and us – we feed our bacteria even when we are sick!

There are good bacteria and bad bacteria. For millennia, we humans never made a distinction: bacteria were associated with diseases and death, no exception. It was known that we are carrying along a large assortment of microbes in our gut, […]

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A Brief Overview of Strategic Intelligence

We live in a world driven by hyper-competition where the supply of businesses exceeds the demand. In order for an organisation to survive in such an aggressively competitive environment, a better understanding of its competition and competitive forces that affect […]

HIV-infected H9 T cell

New Advances in HIV Research

Around the world, over 35 million people are living with HIV/AIDS, and over 2 million new cases are reported every year. All this for a disease that was only first discovered in 1981. (WHO, 2013) It’s clear that something needs […]


The Science behind Architecture

Architecture, in various forms, dates back to early man. But it wasn’t until the late Renaissance period that modern architecture that we know today came about; when engineers, artists and architects separated and formal architecture training began in the 19th […]


Market Research: Science vs. Art

Market research – it’s the essential step that every business needs to take to maximise their chance of success. It’s a hugely complex study area, and market research companies are constantly trying to find new ways to get the best […]


Common Myths and Truths About Food

It seems that a new study or experiment comes out on a weekly basis, claiming to expose a common food ingredient or simply to support a new fad diet. How do you if the claims are true, or if you’re […]


Alternative therapies – the facts

People have been using alternative therapies for thousands of years, long before scientific-based medicine became the norm. Defined as any form of medical treatment not covered by top medical school courses, alternative therapies come under many guises, from acupuncture and […]


Advances in health technologies: Saunas

For many, saunas are the epitome of health and wellbeing luxury. Originating in Scandinavia, they are now a staple in day spas and gyms around the world. However, new health technologies are coming out all the time, many offering similar […]

Researchers created a virus which produces the tomosyn protein; a protein which hinders the secretion of neurotransmitters in abnormal amounts. Injecting the virus into the hippocampus region in mice,  researchers performed a series of behavioral tests designed to measure memory, cognitive ability and motor skills. The image shows the location of the hippocampi in the brain.

Manipulating Memory in the Hippocampus

Modifying the levels of tomosyn protein in the hippocampus of mice, researchers noted over production of the protein led to a sharp decline in the ability to learn and memorize information. In the brain, cell-to-cell communication is dependent on neurotransmitters, […]


Weekly Science Picks

At the top of my list this week would have to be the ISS Commander Chris Hadfield from Canadian Space Agency wringing out a wet towel in zero gravity. If you haven’t watched it yet. Do it now. The explanation […]

The world's oldest fossils?

The Oldest Fossils in the World

Life has existed on planet Earth for a long time. Precisely how long, however, is a question which many are still searching for an answer to. The most recently discovered piece in that puzzle may put us another step closer […]


Remembering to forget

Memories influence our behaviour for better or worse. A traumatic incident, experienced once, can darken our lives for ever more. Drug or alcohol addiction – driven by remembered rewards – can render the idea of “normal life” impossible. So what […]

Prof Peter Higgs

The Higgs: An Unexpected Boson

The interesting thing about research is that the most interesting results are always the ones which are unexpected. This is particularly true out in the frontiers of physics where, frequently, no one really knows quite what to expect. While news […]

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