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KipstR – A Clever Wristband

Christmas is here – that wonderful time of year reserved for family gatherings, delicious meals and being lazy in front of the telly. Not surprisingly, most people experience dozing off while watching their favorite Christmas show due to all those […]


Why Some Cables are Faster than Others

In an increasingly information-oriented world maximising the speed of data transfer and download are crucial to competitiveness in the workplace. Needless to say, not all cables are the same, even though they may feature the same input – e.g. USB […]


Why Should We Trust to Cyber?

These days many people are speculating about ongoing mass e-surveillance systems, which got applied by a lot of countries, but the best known is still an NSA project. As the most usual reason against those projects, some people see privacy […]


What Is the Future of Energy in Japan?

Today, the whole world is trying to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. The vast supplies of coal and oil are exhaustible after all, and given the list of pollutants they emit and their adverse impact on the environment, the […]

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A Cyber Disaster Has Somehow Occurred… What to Do Next?

More often than not, people and businesses keep their sensitive and confidential information in their data storage within their cyber system. Their main concern is how not to lose that valuable content. Some studies suggest that more than 40% of […]


Are Windowless Planes the Future of Flying?

Are you one of those who suffer from aerophobia – fear of flying? Then you won’t be too thrilled to read about the new breakthrough in the aerospace industry.Otherwise, you will probably be intrigued by the new windowless planes, planned […]


Somewhere in the Future … How Does Cyber Security Look Like?

Throughout this article, we do not plan to tell you some fictional story, but rather to provide you with very realistic predictions for the future of cyber defence which relies on current research and development trends and a way which […]


Electric Car Batteries that Last for 20 Years

The benefits of using electric cars are indisputable and numerous. They help in reducing greenhouse gases as they don’t emit tailpipe pollutants. They are fast, elegant and popular. However, there are some problems that seem to be impossible to solve […]


When Will the Moon be Just the Push of a Button Away?

A recent discovery by a research team at Penn State University and the Carnegie Institution of Washington reminded us of the amazing, but still unrealized idea of constructing space elevators. A team of researchers discovered a new material and they […]


How the Internet Has Changed the World

The Internet revolutionised the way we live, learn, communicate and the way we do our business.Today, most of us can’t and won’t imagine our lives without it and we take the existence of the Internet for granted. Younger generations may […]


Five Futuristic Substances We Have Today

It appears there are no limits to what human intelligence can achieve. Innovation has been the hallmark of every stage of human civilization, with new and exciting gadgets being produced that have drastically transformed our way of life. The seemingly […]


China’s New Facial Recognition Payment System: Is it REALLY Near Perfect?

Chinese scientists at the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) have recently developed a facial-recognition payment system, which has been dubbed “with a near-perfect accuracy”. The technology will be incorporated in an app that will be launched in 2015. The new […]


The world’s first brain to brain communication established

For the first time ever in the entire world, a team of neuroscience research specialists have been able to successfully establish brain to brain communication between human beings over a long physical distance. Composed of four research experts between the […]


Who is Jacque Fresco?

Jack Fresco is an American futurist, a self-taught industrial design engineer, inventor, author, artist, and behavioral scientist. He was born on March 13, 1916 in Brooklyn, New York. He has worked as a designer and inventor in so many fields […]

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