The year was 95 and I was enjoying the benefits of being a full time graduate student . One day Nuria, one of my classmates , Economist , BA in Mathematics and Marxist faces me and says, “Look hey, this is a joke, any model of which we are studying are always the same logic, assumptions and raise all what follows is pure mathematical deduction, this is not science !!!”.And I was shocked and hard , like a year ago when I found out that Diego USA 94 had tested positive on doping .

After the primary I wanted to teach math so why all graduate I will always respect accurate .

And Nuria was very good economist and mathematics. So I was thinking all day in his words, then there was just to study .

After a couple of days I realized she was right, that the grace that has studied economic models for which we like the math is just that , that given the assumptions , objectives and constraints functions, everything else follows . So if you’re good at math to study economic models is easy.

Nuria ‘s revelation was fatal, because the next day took me by surprise and said ” you see all this we studied can not be called science , if only deduction from axioms . ” I never studied epistemology and I did not know how to respond. Perhaps Olivera, A.N. Guzman or someone else can enlighten understanding on the subject.

While I read somewhere the phrase that goes something like “the economy is just a tool of argument for political discussion . ” And he came full circle.

A decade later invented Musgrave and this blog. And as I started to post and followed the story more or less known.

For several days in the FP Virtual Cafe are discussing ways of posts and some of the parishioners the mus style much dislike.
This morning over breakfast with the CVFP Hal , one of the best commentators throughout the blogosphere , I told him more or less verbatim leer.Cuando that they just explained what the models , assumptions and deductions, I dropped the tab .

Mus Style is similar to models : a pair of proposiones , some links and directly move to the conclusions. deductions course almost never wear .
There are two reasons , the main is that I’m lazy but also for the grace of my blog is in discussions that are assembled in the comments, then leave things open to interpretation and not explained or enclosed is a way to generate more trade.

And you think

1- economics is a science?

2- what kind of posts do you like more ?

a) prefer long posts , enclosed explanatory and do not give room for comments, but only to say ” Mus that good post ! ”

b ) Short and to the foot , presenting a topic to discuss and leaving “flowering thousands of discussions. ”

This is the list of big companies that are in finance world but have their hands in science also.