Australian Science is a popular science magazine and we receive daily requests from various businesses and SEO companies. For all marketing enquiries please contact our SEO company, Dejan SEO, or contact them on Google+.

Please review our SEO guidelines outlined on this page:

Link Exchange

We do not participate in manual or automated link exchange programmes at  this time, but we always look to partner up with organisations and websites similar to our own if we find they will be of value to our readers.


Yes, we do sell advertising space including text link ads but please note that all advertising material will contain a rel=”nofollow”. Please contact us for our advertising rates.

Guest Posts

We accept guest posts on topic of science, technology, education and often broader topic range. Our editorial team reserves rights to adjust content and moderate any links which do not seem to be relevant to the content or appear manipulative in nature.

We often accept guest posts from known and reputable bloggers in the science and technology area and will publish research from the academic world. Commercial entities (companies) may be accepted if they bring to our attention interesting research, information or news ideas relevant to our audience.