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Coral reef after a bleaching event. Source: © 2003. Reef Futures. Courtesy Ray Berkelmans, Australian Institute of Marine Science. Via

Ocean Chemistry Unbalanced

  Ocean acidification is a decrease in the pH of the oceans, caused by the uptake of CO2 from the atmosphere. It’s a problem; a real problem. One that marine ecologist Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration […]


Asteroids, extinctions, and biodiversity: Wiping the slate clean for new life to flourish

The recent meteor strike in Russia has been a rather sobering reminder that Earth has been regularly battered during its history, by space rocks. Actually, the amount of meteoritic material constantly landing on Earth is startling – on average, over […]


Weekly Science Picks

I’ve just returned from a fantastic holiday in Australia (sad I had to leave). The great thing about travel is that it opens your mind and exposes your senses – elevates it to a higher level of thinking, thinking that […]

RIP Lonesome George

Weekly Science Picks

Ah, the weekend! Time to kick back, relax, and look back over everything that’s happened over the past few days. And I’m rather happy to say that some quite interesting things have happened, including the Leonid meteor shower which peaked […]

Some pretty corals...

Great danger for the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is easily among the world’s great natural wonders. A world heritage site since 1981, it’s known everywhere as a showcase for the beauty which Earth’s oceans are capable of producing. The world’s largest system of coral […]

Chemical Structures, Photo credit:

Weekly Science Picks

This past week was made notable by the Nobel Prizes awarded. So much great research being done, it can make your head spin. Chinese literature took center stage, and for peace…the European Union… Be sure to catch up on all the […]


Botanist Wins Prestigious Nature Conservancy Award to Work on Grass Trees

24 September 2012.  MEDIA RELEASE Botanist Todd McLay has won the 2012 prestigious Australian Conservation Taxonomy Award to delve further into the mysteries of the iconic Xanthorrhoea genus ­ or, Australia¹s native grass trees. The Nature Conservancy and The Thomas Foundation launched […]