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Why Some Cables are Faster than Others

In an increasingly information-oriented world maximising the speed of data transfer and download are crucial to competitiveness in the workplace. Needless to say, not all cables are the same, even though they may feature the same input – e.g. USB […]


Interview with Joanne Manaster – a multipassionate scientist

Joanne Manaster is a cell and molecular biology lecturer at the University of Illinois. She currently works as an online course developer and lecturer of science courses for the School of Integrative Biology. Prior to this current position, Joanne has taught […]

Hurricane Gloria devastation on Fire Island, New York, 28 Sept 1985. (AP Photo/Rick Maiman)

Climate Change, Resilience, Communication

Climate Change Last week I listened to a webinar on climate change discussing findings of the draft report from the National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee. Not much has changed from the year 2000 report, or the 2009 report. […]

Bdale Garbee at LCA2013

Linux – The Open Source Ecosystem

Australian Science travelled to Canberra for the (Linux Conference Australia) last week and had the opportunity for exclusive one-on-one interviews with a number of the keynote speakers. You may have been a little hesitant reading the first word of the title of this […]

dr science

Best of Science blogging – September 2012

Lot of events happening this September and I’m looking forward to share with you some wonderful articles and interesting posts, interviews for you to read. We have weekly science blogging picks with the guest editor each week, now it’s almost […]

Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson enjoying a view from the ISS Cupola window.

Networking the Solar System

When the human race inevitably expands off planet Earth, we’ll naturally want to take our internet with us – over the past 15 years or so, the internet really has become an integral part of our lives! In fact, even […]


Is Communication a Lost Art?

So how far away are we from planet Earth morphing into Holodeck 5 and we all have Geordi La Forge glasses? There are several pairs of augmented reality glasses already on the market, many from brands you’ve probably never heard […]


Turning Information into Action

We hear…but do we comprehend? What connection does our brain make to statements transmitted through our auditory canal such as global warming is increasing at 0.13°C per year? Or there are 495 dead zones covering 95,000 square miles of our […]