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Composite from a time-lapse of a HeLa cell (cervical cancer) undergoing cell division. Cellular structures have been visualized using cyan (cell membrane) and red (DNA). Image Credit: Kuan-Chung Su, London Research Institute, Cancer Research UK, Wellcome Images

The Ten Hallmarks of Cancer

This series of articles originally appeared on Know The Cosmos. I will be reposting the articles here for AusSci with added commentary over the coming weeks! In 2002, Robert Weinberg and Douglas Hanahan published a review article in the journal Cell titled “The Hallmarks […]


Mosquito-borne diseases: Fighting fire with fire

I have a decidedly “live and let live” approach to life. There are no animals in this world which I harbour any malicious feelings towards, regardless of how many of those animals would think nothing of poisoning, eating, maiming, or […]


The Contagion of Violence

When Professor Plum killed Dr Black, in the library, with the candlestick it was for no other reason than murder is a disease. Murder is infectious and the contagion of violence is everywhere. Violence begets violence.Violence within nations and cultures. […]


Bacon Fans United: The Pig Genome Sequenced

Breeding healthier and meatier piggies has been one of the many scientific challenges of the past decades; creating more reliable models to study human diseases is another. The swine disease model is indeed much better to use when studying human […]


Panique au village: the revolution that caused an epidemic

It boasts, struts, and flaunts with that kind of assurance that only comes from the mentality of knowing that you are right, and that even if you may be wrong, others will admire you for it. This is Paris. Where […]

Global Rinderpest Eradication Programme (GREP)

The tribe that eradicated rinderpest

Karamoja region in northern Uganda is one of pastoral communities and closely dispersed ethnic groups that rely on livestock for their livelihood. It is within a semi-arid place like this that economies based on meat, milk, and blood from cattle […]


The clues to human uniqueness

Over 2 million years ago, before the emergence of the genus Homo, within the rift valleys and savannah grasslands of Africa during the Pliocene period, a unique event took place. One that, with some hyperbole, admittedly, shaped the course of […]