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Our little blue marble...

Australia’s National Science Agency – Focused on the Future

I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about the future of our society and planet – how we can solve problems of today and prevent those of tomorrow. Quite often I draw up battle plans on scrap paper [...]


Economy’s Impact on Fashion

Fashion is an important part of not only arts but maybe even more industry. From the first glance only the aesthetic aspect of it is visible with the beauty, amazing creations and materials. But if one looks more carefully, the [...]


The Impact of Education on Economic and Social Outcomes

Everybody is well aware of the importance of education. It starts with acquiring basic general knowledge and than depending on further education it narrows down to  educating in more specific areas of a student’s choice. Besides having personal benefits for [...]


Low Cost Carriers – The Influence on the Transport Market and Economy

All the passengers always opt for the travelling options which are fast, safe and affordable. Among all means of transport travelling by plane usually embodies all these qualities. For those who are not dependent on luxurious ways of travelling there [...]