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Interview with Joanne Manaster – a multipassionate scientist

Joanne Manaster is a cell and molecular biology lecturer at the University of Illinois. She currently works as an online course developer and lecturer of science courses for the School of Integrative Biology. Prior to this current position, Joanne has taught […]


The Science behind Architecture

Architecture, in various forms, dates back to early man. But it wasn’t until the late Renaissance period that modern architecture that we know today came about; when engineers, artists and architects separated and formal architecture training began in the 19th […]


The Highlights of 2013

This year our writers churned out a host of fantastic articles, including a series of posts dedicated to women in space, written by Sharon Harnett. One of the most notable of the series was all about Valentina Tereshkova, the first […]

Data is everywhere. Via CRN.

Big Data…Big Deal

Data is everywhere. It touches and informs every aspect of our lives. You go to the doctor, and your medical records are electronic on a computer screen before your eyes. You bank online. The stock market is all done by […]


CERN Physicist Explains the Origins of the Universe, for Beginners

How did the universe begin — and how is it expanding? CERN physicist Tom Whyntie has created a new TED-ED three animated video that explains how the universe began, why it’s expanding, and other basic phenomena that concern cosmologists and particle […]


Seriously, NAPLAN to include Science?

In the last few weeks in Australian politics there have been critical discussions regarding the inclusion of science in NAPLAN (the National Assessment Program in Literacy and Numeracy).  Without entering too much into the debate regarding the reported advantages or disadvantages […]


Creative Commons Announces “School of Open” project

Just in time to celebrate Open Education Week, here comes a new initiative, the School of Open, a learning environment focused on increasing our understanding of “openness” and the benefits it brings to creativity and education in the digital age. School of Open […]


The Story of a River

Every now and then you do a lesson that sticks. ‘The Story of a River’ is a simple interactive demonstration lesson, yet it provides a provocative view on environmentalism and sustainable practices.  The original version “Who Polluted the Potomac”  from […]


Talking the Language of Science

I have mentioned before that part of the reason why I like science so much is that you get to play with stuff. It might come as no surprise then that I begin each year with a game called “Mrs […]

Our little blue marble...

Australia’s National Science Agency – Focused on the Future

I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about the future of our society and planet – how we can solve problems of today and prevent those of tomorrow. Quite often I draw up battle plans on scrap paper […]

Varying views of women's role in science. Photo Attribution: By Merwart [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Science: It’s a Girl Thing?

The role of gender has arisen in many a conversation in my science social circles as of late. Friend and fellow contributor to Australian Science Danielle Spencer sent the video “Science: It’s a Girl Thing!” a few weeks back. (You […]


SignMedia: online learning tool for deaf media professionals

SignMedia is an online learning resource that uses sign language to teach vocational written English to deaf media professionals. The project was proud to be a finalist in the recent MEDEA Awards 2012. The world of broadcast media offers an increasingly rich source of employment […]

Happy New Year!

The Highlights of 2012

As 2012 draws to a close and the new year begins, now is a good time to wrap things up and recapitulate the year just passed. It’s been an exciting year with plenty of interesting happenings in science, technology, and […]

Minor explosion, investigating colloids - SC@M

We’re Just Playing. Science by Stealth

One of my students asked me the other day why I like science so much. “Easy”, I replied. “You get to play with stuff’. Who can argue with Einstein and his claim that, “Play is the highest form of research”? […]

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