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The extinction that is yet to come

By 2050 they will all be gone. The worst is yet to come. The Amazon rainforest contains a wider variety of plant and animal life than any other biome in the world. The region in its entirety is home to […]

single penguin

Who Doesn’t Love a (Penguin) Parade?

It’s not just 5-year old children who get excited by the sight of penguins; on no, penguins have been “all the rage” in movies and on television these past few years, delighting all ages. These magnificent, peaceful flightless birds are […]

Asian golden cat

Endangered Species in Indonesia

Indonesia the fourth most populous country in the world and with its amazing nature is a popular destination for tourists. Its breathtaking beaches and impressive shrines leave no man indifferent. Unfortunately, there is the dark side to this story of […]