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Giant ants (Paraponera Clavata), appearing at the exhibition "Mille milliards de fourmis" at the Palais de la Decouverte in Paris. (Copyright: Getty Images)

Weekly Science Picks

  Welcome to this edition of Weekly Science Picks!   Here’s a great little story to get us started about how one scientist found out about his Nobel Prize win this past week. He doesn’t carry a mobile. Prof Peter […]

Prof Peter Higgs

The Higgs: An Unexpected Boson

The interesting thing about research is that the most interesting results are always the ones which are unexpected. This is particularly true out in the frontiers of physics where, frequently, no one really knows quite what to expect. While news […]


Weekly Science Picks

By now, I think it’s safe to say that if you’re reading this, it means the world didn’t end on Friday. Which is rather a good thing, because a lot of interesting things have been happening recently! Even though I’ve […]


Sonification of the Higgs Boson – the Sound of Particle

The July 4 achievement and the discovery of Higgs Boson particle, created new possiblities for the researchers who have “sonified” the data from the Atlas experiment, by turning these scientific findings into music using data sonification. Working from results supplied by the Atlas […]

Simulation of Higgs Boson decay.

A brand new boson?

It’s official. As was the subject of a press conference here in Europe this morning, the LHC has discovered a new particle. Is it the much talked about Higgs boson? Evidently it’s far too early to say with certainty. But whatever […]

ATLAS proton-proton event containing four muons

Mr Boson, I presume…?

When Peter Higgs steps out onto the tarmac at an airport near the franco-swiss border, it will probably be with equal parts trepidation and elation. CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and the world’s leading laboratory for particle physics, […]