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How the Internet Has Changed the World

The Internet revolutionised the way we live, learn, communicate and the way we do our business.Today, most of us can’t and won’t imagine our lives without it and we take the existence of the Internet for granted. Younger generations may […]

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International Conference on Digital Discrimination and Social Networks Online

Recently, I had a chance to attend and participate at the ICUD International Conference: Digital Discrimination and Social Networks that took place takes on March 13 and 14, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. The ICUD Project aims to Creatively Unveil hidden […]


Weekly Science Picks

Hello everyone. I hope you’ve all had a good week! It’s a balmy Autumn evening here in the UK where I sit as I write this – and I must say, this week’s science picks include something quite historic… Anyone […]

Data is everywhere. Via CRN.

Big Data…Big Deal

Data is everywhere. It touches and informs every aspect of our lives. You go to the doctor, and your medical records are electronic on a computer screen before your eyes. You bank online. The stock market is all done by […]


Work, Play & Learn! Using libraries for Social Learning, Impact and Collaboration

The digital information and knowledge paradigm in the 21st century requires skills such as digital literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, skills in communication, and collaboration for overcoming present social and digital inequalities. Those skills go beyond pure technological affordances and they […]


Study on actual and self-reported measures of Facebook use

A cross-post ∞. Thanks to prof. Rey Junco, a faculty associate at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you likely already know that there is a growing body of research that examines how college […]

lca2013_mcc01 2013: ‘Nerdvana’ in Canberra

During the last week of January, approximately 700 IT professionals and enthusiastic hobbyists descended on Canberra to jointly create an intensive learning experience. Each year the call goes out across the intertubes to gather together open source geeks for  Linux […]


Weekly Science Picks

Last weekend in January brought exciting and interesting events, reports, and readings.  Monthly editorial is coming out next week, don’t miss wonderful readings written by Australian Science writers and bloggers. Enjoy in this week science picks, and have a great […]

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Internet Society: Global Internet User Survey Reveals Attitudes, Usage, and Behavior

A worldwide survey of more than 10,000 Internet users in 20 countries conducted by the Internet Society revealed attitudes towards the Internet and user behavior online. The Global Internet User Survey is one of the broadest surveys of Internet user […]


New Internet Exchange Point Launched 16 November in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

[Washington, D.C. and Geneva, Switzerland] — A new Internet Exchange Point (IXP) was launched on 16 November in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The Kinshasa IXP (KINIX) was funded through the Internet Society’s Community Grants Programme and managed […]

Africa's use of the internet by Jon Gosier (Flickr)

Analysys Mason Study Demonstrates How the Fundamental Sustainability of the Internet Extends to Developing Countries

Analysys Mason’s new study published this week entitled ‘How the Internet continues to sustain growth  and innovation’ reveals how the market forces that have always ensured the sustainability of the Internet in developed countries also extend to developing countries. Analysys […]

Africa's use of the internet by Jon Gosier (Flickr)

Reducing the Digital Divide: Internet Society Supports Establishment of Internet Exchange Points across Africa

[Johannesburg, South Africa –23 August 2012] – The Internet Society  announced that it has been selected by the African Union (AU) to conduct community mobilization and technical aspects workshops to support the establishment of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in AU Member […]

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Internet Society’s African Peering and Interconnection Forum Provides Opportunities for Regional Internet Growth

AfPIF-3 Highlights Regional Interconnection – Addressing Africa’s Internet Transit Deficit [Washington, D.C. and Geneva, Switzerland –13 August 2012] – The third African Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF-3), organized by the Internet Society, will be held 22-24 August 2012 in Johannesburg, South […]

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