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Interview with Joanne Manaster – a multipassionate scientist

Joanne Manaster is a cell and molecular biology lecturer at the University of Illinois. She currently works as an online course developer and lecturer of science courses for the School of Integrative Biology. Prior to this current position, Joanne has taught […]

Simon Phipps of Sun talking to a developer after his keynote at Fosdem 2007

Interview: Simon Phipps, a computer scientist and open source advocate

One could call Simon Phipps a real eclectic geek, having in mind his background and activism globally: from campaigning for digital liberties, open data, open source software and political transparency, through his columns at InfoWorld to presidenting at the Open […]

lana ostojic picture 2

Interview: Lana Ostojic, an applied scientist in the field of forensic biology

Lana Ostojic is a young applied science professional with the real-world experience in criminal forensics. She is a researcher at the Research and Development Department at the Office of Chief of Medical Examiner (OCME), NYC. Lana is also a PhD […]

radiate cool

All You Need is a Minute to Learn Physics

Really. Well okay, maybe a little more than a minute. Three minutes tops. Well okay, maybe five minutes and throw in an appreciation of watching cartoons and Youtube videos. That’s it. I was skeptical when I stumbled on Henry Reich’s […]

lca2013_mcc01 2013: ‘Nerdvana’ in Canberra

During the last week of January, approximately 700 IT professionals and enthusiastic hobbyists descended on Canberra to jointly create an intensive learning experience. Each year the call goes out across the intertubes to gather together open source geeks for  Linux […]

Keri Bean in the NASA JPL Mars Yard, with the Curiosity test-bed twin ‘Maggie’

Interview: Keri Bean—Mars meteorologist, Curiosity Rover team member

Keri Bean is a meteorologist specialising in the atmospherics of other planets. She is on the team operating the Curiosity Rover for NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission. Prior to MSL, Keri has had roles in the missions for other Mars […]


Urban informatics and new opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange – Interview with Marcus Foth

As an internet researcher and social media consultant, I ask some of the guests of the Australian Science magazine and knowledge network to tell me and my readers more about themselves, their current projects, and their views on topics including […]


Open Linked Data, DBpedia, Serendipity, and the Future of Web – Interview with Kingsley Idehen

Being a Semantic Web, Open Linked Data, Open Source enthusiast, and at some point the contributor to the AP for the FOAF and other metadata standards, recently I had an opportunity to talk with Kingsley Idehen on his current projects,  views on the use […]


Open Access for Open Knowledge: An Interview with Keita Bando

Keita Bando is a Digital Repository Librarian and Coordinator for Scholarly Communication database called MyOpenArchive we have presented MyOpenArchive earlier this year. Founded in September 2007, MyOpenArchive is an international Non-Profit Organization that advocates Open Access for never-before-published research papers […]


Communicating Science and Connecting people: An interview with Bora Zivkovic, the Scientific American editor

Jean Cocteau once said that the art is science made clear, but what he didn’t indicate is that the science is creating different forms of art including the art of connecting people and communicating science. Bora Zivkovic is a unique, energetic, technologically-savvy, and […]