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Flying virus carrier. Photo credit: Jonathan H. Epstein/ EcoHealth Alliance

Weekly Science Picks

Well, it’s a new day in Australia with the election of Tony Abbott. It will be interesting to see what changes may be ahead for environmental laws and science. But this is Weekly Science Picks and not a political roundup […]


SignMedia: online learning tool for deaf media professionals

SignMedia is an online learning resource that uses sign language to teach vocational written English to deaf media professionals. The project was proud to be a finalist in the recent MEDEA Awards 2012. The world of broadcast media offers an increasingly rich source of employment […]

Hands on learning in the early years.

Hands on Science in the Early Years

Hands on science activities to engage students in scientific inquiry and investigation are key in the early years to develop skills and knowledge in all areas of science. No one knows this better than Mrs Suzanne Clarke who is the […]


Does my Science look big in this? October edition

Science this month tackled many of the big questions: Where did life on Earth originate? How do we learn? How can we live healthy lives? and, What is it with scientists and sticky-tape? Lithopanspermia is the idea that basic life […]


Harvard and MIT offer free online education materials

Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced last week the launch of edX, a transformational partnership and initiative in online education. EdX presents a not-for-profit joint venture between these two institutions that will collaborate to “enhance campus-based teaching and learning and […]