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Image vis Flinders Indaily

Entelognathus: The Fish with the First Modern Face

Hundreds of millions of years ago, armoured fish dominated the oceans, lakes and rivers of the world. These now-extinct creatures belonged to a class called Placoderms, meaning ‘plate-skinned’ in Greek. They had armoured plates covering their head and thorax, and […]


Maria Island joins international ocean monitoring network

A key facility in an international observing network to detect increasing ocean acidification is monitoring carbon cycling in the Tasman Sea from a site near Maria Island. The A$150,000 mooring with its suite of environmental sensors is one of three […]


Combating the rise of the superbugs: The health and scientific challenges of antibiotic resistance

It’s hard to imagine the world prior to antibiotics, a world where even a deep laceration could frequently spell significant illness or even death due to infection. Thankfully, since the discovery of penicillin in 1929 by Alexander Fleming, we now […]


New leader of CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science division

CSIRO’s astronomy, spacecraft tracking and space science activities will be headed up by a new leader, with the announcement today that Dr Lewis Ball has been appointed as the incoming Chief for CSIRO’s Astronomy and Space Science (CASS) division. Dr […]


Telescope takes temperature of Universe

CSIRO telescope takes temperature of Universe Astronomers using a CSIRO radio telescope have taken the Universe’s temperature, and have found that it has cooled down just the way the Big Bang theory predicts. Using the CSIRO Australia Telescope Compact Array […]

The ISS as it orbits Earth. Photo credit NASA.

The Risk of Human Space Flight to Mars

This past week NASA announced that in 2015 they would be sending two astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) for a year-long mission. This is an expected, and necessary step in the preparation for human spaceflight to Mars. If […]


Bike Brisbane: Brisbane winners announcement

On Thursday, the Lord Mayor announced the winners of the hack::Brisbane competition at a presentation in New Farm Park. The winners of the hack::Brisbane competition are:

Dr. Josef Theurer is nominated in the category Lifetime achievement for his railway track-laying machines

Australian team nominated for European Inventor Award

Dr. John O’Sullivan and team nominated by European Patent Office for paving the way for Wi-Fi. Australian scientists laid world standard in modern communication and licence out their invention all over the globe. Battistelli: “The innovation led by Dr. O’Sullivan […]