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Science shouldn't be kept behind walls. Image credit: Scott Lewis.

Tear Down These Walls

This article originally appeared on the Nature Soapbox Science blog. I am excited to be joining the Australian Science team, and wanted to re-post this article here as it encompasses my approach to science communication, and will set the tone […]

OAKLAW 31 Oct 2007

Open Access in Australia: An Outsider’s Account

I am doing advocacy on Open Access in India and following the activities related to Open Access around the world online. After writing a blog post on ‘Open Access India’, I thought of writing a series of country specific Open Access […]

Bdale Garbee at LCA2013

Linux – The Open Source Ecosystem

Australian Science travelled to Canberra for the (Linux Conference Australia) last week and had the opportunity for exclusive one-on-one interviews with a number of the keynote speakers. You may have been a little hesitant reading the first word of the title of this […]

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Open Access Explained!

We wrote about Open Access many times: here, here, here, here, and here, and since it’s Open Access week everywhere in the world- it is good to be reminded what is OA – Open Access. This time Nick Shockey and Jonathan […]


Open Access Initiative policy recommendations for the next 10 years

Ten years after the release of the Budapest Open Access Initiative, OA advocates last week released updated recommendations in support of open access around the world, touching on areas including policy, licensing, sustainability, and advocacy. Of particular interest are recommendations that urge funders […]


Free and Open Source Agriculture

A recent news published online by The Wall Street journal about  the Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) offer of germplasm from its massive seed gene bank at National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (NBPGR) to multinational corporations (MNCs) in exchange […]


Open Access for Open Knowledge: An Interview with Keita Bando

Keita Bando is a Digital Repository Librarian and Coordinator for Scholarly Communication database called MyOpenArchive we have presented MyOpenArchive earlier this year. Founded in September 2007, MyOpenArchive is an international Non-Profit Organization that advocates Open Access for never-before-published research papers […]


Open Access India: Movement for Making Public Funded Research Open

The ‘Open Access‘ movement which is built on the principle that the publicly funded research should be freely accessible online is gaining momentum around the world. In India, according to the Registry of Open Access Repositories and Directory of Open […]


MyOpenArchive – an Open Access repository

MyOpenArchive, founded in September 2007, is an international Non-Profit Organization that advocates Open Access for never-before-published research papers on the web and provides Self-Archiving platform to enable better knowledge sharing in a way that’s easy to publish. The following article […]

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Open access: Opening the Science

Open access databases, archives, repositories are hopefully present, for almost a decade, in technology, education, science, and the iron gates systems are slowly behind us; we can say that the technology, science, and academia are striving to be more and […]