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The Science behind Architecture

Architecture, in various forms, dates back to early man. But it wasn’t until the late Renaissance period that modern architecture that we know today came about; when engineers, artists and architects separated and formal architecture training began in the 19th […]


Weekly Science Picks

Well, it’s my turn to pick my favourite science news this week on Australian Science. And I must apologise for being slightly late with this. The reason is that I’ve only just got home to Tokyo after spending all week […]

Fertility Treatment

The Future of Fertility Treatment: Advanced Embryo Selection

It is incredible just how far science and technology have come over the last few decades. In the past, men and women with fertility problems had very few options. Nowadays, there are more options than ever before and fertility treatments […]

Light waves, shown evolving in time in this simulation, create a cloaking effect at the middle where the light intensity goes to zero. via

Weekly Science Picks

Happy June! Happy World Oceans Day! Hard to believe it is June already. I finally have some time on my hands and caught up on some reading this week. So you’ll see two articles below that are from April. It’s […]


The Winners of the European Inventor Award 2013

European Inventor Award 2013 goes to outstanding inventors from Austria, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and the US · European Patent Office honours pioneering inventors of LCD technology, nano-capsules for cancer treatment, pyrosequencing, USB, and ‘Blumotion’ damper system for doors · […]


Combating the rise of the superbugs: The health and scientific challenges of antibiotic resistance

It’s hard to imagine the world prior to antibiotics, a world where even a deep laceration could frequently spell significant illness or even death due to infection. Thankfully, since the discovery of penicillin in 1929 by Alexander Fleming, we now […]


Asteroids, extinctions, and biodiversity: Wiping the slate clean for new life to flourish

The recent meteor strike in Russia has been a rather sobering reminder that Earth has been regularly battered during its history, by space rocks. Actually, the amount of meteoritic material constantly landing on Earth is startling – on average, over […]

campus IMG_5066

Connecting the Quantum Dots

Last week, after I spent a couple of days  in Brest, Brittany at a ESF, EU workshop/seminar brainstorming with other internet and scientific researchers on interesting topics related to  internet science and innovation,  I got myself back to Paris. I […]

Graphene sheet

Could the next generation of electronics be made with graphene?

While it may look like little more than molecular chicken wire, graphene really is wonderful stuff. A sheet of carbon atoms naturally forms into a geometrically perfect set of hexagons and, since it was first chemically synthesised in 2004, researchers […]


New leader of CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science division

CSIRO’s astronomy, spacecraft tracking and space science activities will be headed up by a new leader, with the announcement today that Dr Lewis Ball has been appointed as the incoming Chief for CSIRO’s Astronomy and Space Science (CASS) division. Dr […]


Research gives digital economy a boost

CSIRO will today launch Australia’s largest publically-funded research initiative focused on the digital economy. The Digital Productivity and Services Flagship, CSIRO’s tenth National Research Flagship, is a A$40 million research initiative focusing on the services sector and optimising the full […]


Weekly Science Picks

Last weekend in January brought exciting and interesting events, reports, and readings.  Monthly editorial is coming out next week, don’t miss wonderful readings written by Australian Science writers and bloggers. Enjoy in this week science picks, and have a great […]

Dr Mauro Rubino

Greenland ice core records provide a vision of the future

Ice cores drilled in the Greenland ice sheet, recounting the history of the last great warming period more than 120,00 years ago, are giving scientists their clearest insight to a world that was warmer than today. In a paper published […]

Coral Polyps

Unknown Corals of the Deep

Corals are some of the most beautiful things to be found under the sea, blossoming in clusters like gardens off tropical coasts worldwide. Easily the grandest display is to be found in Australia with the Great Barrier Reef, and it […]

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