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Solar Power

The Future of Solar Power Technologies in Australia

As the cost of fossil fuels go up around the world, and the impact of climate change becoming increasingly avoidable, people are looking for reliable, alternative sources of energy. With the favourable climate in Australia, it’s a no-brainer that solar […]


Weekly Science Picks

Well, it’s my turn to pick my favourite science news this week on Australian Science. And I must apologise for being slightly late with this. The reason is that I’ve only just got home to Tokyo after spending all week […]


Fascinating short film about NASA’s Dawn: the very beginning of us

This fascinating video, narrated by Leonard Nemoy, gives you a glimpse into the origins of our solar system and NASA Dawn mission’s  journey to Vesta & Ceres and its hope to unveil clues as to what was going on at the very […]

Multiwavelength composite image of the remnant of Tycho's supernova, SN 1572. Photo credit: NASA/MPIA/Calar Alto Observatory, Oliver Krause et al.

These rocks just got a little bit older

Have you ever had a moment when person responds to you in a way that just makes you feel a little bit older than you did before?  You comment, for example, about a music group to someone, only to be […]