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A flawless launch for the world’s first commercial space mission

Photo: Ben Cooper Elon Musk’s commercial space travel venture SpaceX has ticked off another global first – the first commercial space flight. Watch a replay of the launch first stage:   The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket roared off the launch […]

Mars manned mission.  Image credit: NASA

In the year 2023, and humans are on Mars for all to see

Do you wish to become a Martizen, a citizen of Mars, anytime in the near future?  If you are serious about this then Dutchman, Bas Lansdorp is your man. Bas Lansdorp is a person with an audacious ambition.  Through his […]

Dragon Spacecraft with Solar Panels deployed.  Image credit NASA/SpaceX

Here be Dragons

On May 11, a Dragon will mate with the International Space station.  Rather than some mythical creature, this Dragon is of human artifice.  The Dragon’s rendezvous and berthing with the International Space Station presages a new chapter in human exploration […]