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Legalising doping in sports leaves no winners at the finsih line. Photo credit: Athletics tracks finish line by Petey21, via Wikimedia Commons

Drug Sport

The 100th edition of Le Tour de France came to a close yesterday evening in Paris. It was a spectacular 3 weeks of racing. The battling of teams, riders positioning for stage wins, fans in fancy (and quite often strange) […]

Olympic torch

The Olympics Mass Effect

59 Days to go. Simply put, for those that care about the London Olympics — the excitement is mounting. With 26 sports across 44 venues, 10,500 athletes and millions of spectators, it’s going to be a busy summer. From Box-hill […]

Adaptive Climbing Participant Tackles the Wall

No Place to Go But Up

ad•ap•ta•tion [ad-uhp-tey-shuhn] – a form or structure to fit a changed environment “The most powerful natural species are those that adapt to environmental change without losing their fundamental identity which gives them their competitive advantage.” – Charles Darwin A few weeks ago, […]


Social and physical influences of sports and exercise

Since the beginning of time sport has had a great importance. It is good for health and fitness, it is great fun and pastime and is great for learning how to win and dealing with the loss. Many factors influence […]