Communicating Science and Connecting people: An interview with Bora Zivkovic, the Scientific American editor

Jean Cocteau once said that the art is science made clear, but what he didn’t indicate is that the science is creating different forms of art including the art of connecting people and communicating science. Bora Zivkovic is a unique, energetic, technologically-savvy, and multidisciplinary scientist, connector, and blogger. I met Bora twice: during the Science Online 2009 and …

Future of education


Article inspired by Education in digital age by Dejan Petrovic and First Annual Friends of the Library Public Lecture
Read any science-fiction book from decades ago and you will likely be surprised by the ways that fantasy has met reality. However, not even the most creative mind got it right when it came to the advancements in education. “In fact nobody anticipated the end of the space exploration era and the start of the information revolution” (reference: The Role of Search Engines in Advancement of Education).