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Weekly Science Picks

Last weekend in January brought exciting and interesting events, reports, and readings.  Monthly editorial is coming out next week, don’t miss wonderful readings written by Australian Science writers and bloggers. Enjoy in this week science picks, and have a great […]


Occupy the Internet! Why is so viral this expression?

The animated occupation soldiers are in front of the line and they espect the orders to occupy the internet. This is a real battle, because people took to the streets of internet to show their messages. Many websites are occupied, […]


ScienceOnline2012 – The power of the Scientific Community

I want to share some of my personal experiences from the past meetings of the Science online unconference as someone who have participated and attended the conference. I have attended Science Online twice: I have held a session on Open […]


WWW12 Conference: Transformation of the Social Web

This year the World Wide Web conference (or WWW12) is taking place in Europe (Lyon, France) . It was first conceived as an idea in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in Geneva while the first conference of the series was held in 1994. Ever […]